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Ways to Spread Love and Happiness in the World!


Ways to Spread Love and Happiness in the World:

Just imagine if everyone in this universe would constantly strive to spread happiness around them? Wouldn’t this earth be a better place to live? Spreading happiness isn’t a difficult task and doesn’t need you to be rich or doesn’t require a lot of money. It is a very easy task which requires a little consideration and little efforts.

However, each one of us has work to do and bills to pay. Our lives move fast and every second is being valued for. Each one of us is so clogged with our personal tensions and nine-to-seven job. You’ll hardly see anyone going around trying to cheer people and make their day.

So, if you love humanity but still find it difficult to stay happy or spread happiness around, here are a few simple suggestions that are easy to do:

  1. Give your seat to someone: 


Give out your seat to the strangers on the train, bus or any public transport. You will feel a different kind of happiness giving out your seat to an elderly person, a pregnant lady or just any tired person. Who knows what they must have endured throughout the day.

2. Call up that old/ busy friend: 


Pick up your phone and just dial up to that old friend who hasn’t been in touch. Or maybe that friend who’s been too busy to catch up?! Honestly, it doesn’t require much effort and you won’t get anything by swelling up in your ‘why should I call first’ pride.

3. Offer food to that homeless guy on the street: 


You don’t have to be rich in order to help the poor and needy. It takes very seldom effort and you can still help them in your own way. When you’re walking in the street and you see a poor, offer him some food if you’ve or you can buy him food, some clothes, a blanket or just a chocolate. Believe me, helping the poor and needy would give you immense joy.

4. A smile doesn’t cost anything: 


Yes, this could be perhaps the easiest and effective way of spreading happiness. Always have a smile while meeting, greeting or traveling strangers. Yes, you don’t have to look like a maniac. But a polite smile wouldn’t harm, right?! Imagine going through a rough day and receiving a smile from a person while returning back home. Wouldn’t you feel happy?!

5. Giving gifts: 


This could require some efforts however, almost everyone loves receiving gifts. Why should be gifts given only on birthdays? Gift your friends, family & loved ones a gift that they would like. And when you gift someone by creating it yourself, it adds to the personal touch.

6. Helping strangers: 


How about helping an elderly uncle cross the road or guiding a lost person to the right address? How about offering someone water in a scorching afternoon or picking up someone’s fallen pen? There are so many things we can do to help people and there’s so little effort required.

7. Lend out your ear: 


Not literally! Be there for a friend or loved one who is going through a difficult time or experiencing an emotional breakdown. Listen to them, talk to them, and give your support to them in any way possible. You never know how a simple ‘how are you?’ text or a ‘take care’ can make a difference in their lives. Also, when you are with people in their bad times, they would be with you in yours.

8. Throw around compliments: 


Just like gifts, who doesn’t like compliments? Women especially like being complimented. Compliment your colleague on his promotion, to your neighbor for the brand new car, to your friend for the new phone or a stranger for wearing a pretty dress. You don’t have to lie with your praises. Just be sincere when you get the opportunity to compliment someone.

9. Sending a bouquet of flowers to people who’ve impacted your life: 


Express gratitude to the people in your life who’ve positively impacted your life. Show them that you value them, that you appreciate their presence in your life. You can just give a thank you card, a bouquet of flowers or take them out for dinner.

10. Do the household chores even if you don’t like them: 


Spreading happiness isn’t just restricted to strangers and gifts. One should also care about the happiness of the family members. Help your mother by doing the dishes or your sister in her homework or your dad in gardening. That is also a good time to strike conversations and ask them about what’s going on in their life.

11. Volunteer and Donate:


Yes, let’s get down to some serious business! You need time and effort both in this. But people who love to work for humanity and are dedicated to make a change, for them this is the right way to go. Volunteer to teach for poor kids or for the street procession at your street. It can be anything as long as it does well to people. Donation doesn’t necessarily have to be in cash. Go through your old stuff (books, clothes, utensils) and donate them if you no longer use them. It’s better if someone can benefit from it rather than stacking those up.


So, apply these simple and easy steps to life. You’ll not only spread happiness around but will also see yourself being happy by doing these deeds. That’s guaranteed!