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Body Shaming to Mrs. Asia, Dr. Naavnidhi Wadhwa is an inspiration!


“My goal is to spread joy in everyone’s lives internationally because I feel happiness is what we anchor with people. The joy which comes from within is what matters the most.”

~ Dr. Naavnidhi K Wadhwa

Life is a rollercoaster – a saying we all have heard ample of times but taken very lightly. I, for one, can surely relate to it.

Speaking about the Journey so far, Rapid Evolution’s Founder & Coach, Dr. Naavnidhi K Wadhwa said,

The journey from a young child to becoming a mother and then winning the Mrs. Asia Woman of Universe 2018 was full of hurdles. I grew up a shy girl. I was not able to talk to anyone confidently. From that point in my life to going ahead and winning a crown title has been a learning experience which I want to share with all those out there who face similar situations.

I have learned a lot and developed myself with time and the one thing for sure I take back from this journey is confidence. Self-belief and self-empowerment is the key to confidence which in turn is the key to success. To achieve this, we must first stop cribbing about things we do not have or notice what others have, but instead, focus on the strengths within ourselves and celebrate the gifts given to us by the universe. This will lead us to become mentally stronger and closer to our goals.

Did you face any challenges?

Though there have been challenges in my life, I would not look at them as the negative parts of my life. Through each passing difficulty, I have gained strength, knowledge, support of loved ones and the ability to overcome tough situations.

As a child, what I noticed was that the love and acceptance you get from the society is based not on your nature or relationship, but aspects like the color of skin, the physical appearance, and other superficial qualities. Regardless of being a good-hearted child, I was judged on such criteria. The constant voice of judgment that began from others slowly became a nagging voice inside my own head. To add salt to the wounds, being from a Hindi medium school also put me on a spot. It is ironic because we are Indians, and Hindi is our national language. However, not knowing English meant that I was not up to the standards of those around me.

Yet another curveball that was thrown at me was regarding my physical appearance. I dealt with the problem of weight gain. After the birth of my second daughter, I was prescribed certain medicines that shot up my weight from 47kgs to 89kgs. Adding to that, my muscles were also affected and the doctors told me that it was impossible to reverse the actions of these medicines. All this led to asthma and depression due to looks and health problems. However, I did not accept the circumstances and took the matters into my own hands; I enrolled and plunged into spirituality and healing modalities, and gained expertise in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) which introduced me to good health and a strong mind.

Turning Point

From here on, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery, inner beauty and power of spirituality just to challenge the negativity of the world that bullied me for the heavyweight. I was never afraid of hard work, which is why I shed 25 and worked on my strengths. I realized the potential of our mind could and would surpass all else. By using the power of the unconscious mind and the technique of visualization supported by our choices and focused thinking, I have overcome my adversaries; eventually, giving a fitting reply to the naysayers.

Why Rapid Evolution?

Through this journey was formed Rapid Evolution. This is a group I have started on Facebook. I call myself a Rapid Evolution coach because we all evolve. From a child to an adult, a bud to a flower. Everything in nature evolves. This evolution needs to be rapid as we live in an era where everything happens very quickly and changes constantly. The thought behind this group is the same, I believe that everything you desire can be achieved by using the power of your unconscious mind. You have the power to make the universe support and collaborate with you.

I work with four pillars that are an essential part of one’s life:

  • Health
  • Personal development/self-mastery Relationships
  • Finance
  • Relationships
  • There’s also the invisible must-have pillar of SERVICE TO HUMANITY which is why I got the idea of starting an NGO with my father and father-in-law with the name of “PAANKH”. The NGO works for children with special needs. I like to call them, ‘Rainbow Children’ where we nurture them to reverse the neglect that the society shows to them.

Being a mother has been a blessing.

My daughters are my inspiration to do better each day. It was due to their perseverance that I even got into the Mrs. Asia contest and gave it my best and returned a title holder. We all have seen our mothers work and learned many small things about life. I want to be able to give the same to my daughters, that when they see me, they too remember the small kind gestures that lead the path to be good human beings.

I hope to motivate others like me and be of help in any way that would be possible.

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